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Who Are We?

Fintoch is a peer-to-peer blockchain financial platform that specializes in transforming the blockchain financial market through innovation. The platform offers a wide range of financial services, with its primary focus being on lending, investing, and financing. Utilizing the proprietary blockchain security technology "HyBriid," Fintoch enables its users to engage in completely risk-free blockchain investments.

FINTOCH System Features

HyBriid Innovative Blockchain

Offers automatic liquidation with absolutely no risk.

Peer-to-peer blockchain finance

The all-encompassing blockchain platform caters to the requirements of decentralized finance.

Decentralized leveraged borrowing

The utilization of capital is highly efficient through flexible leveraged borrowing.

Investment is STO

Invest to get high returns

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Fintoch, created by Morgan DF Fintoch, a Silicon Valley company from the United States, is a pioneering blockchain financial platform committed to overcoming the challenges of traditional finance and addressing the deficiencies introduced by decentralization. The platform delivers a broad range of financial services, including lending, investment, and borrowing. In order to facilitate fully decentralized transactions, Fintoch has developed the "HyBriid" blockchain technology, which blends multiple signatures and zero-knowledge proof to advance the field of blockchain security technology.

What are the features of Fintoch?

Fintoch offers a comprehensive range of financial services that include lending, investment, and borrowing. By utilizing "zero-knowledge proof" and "multiple signatures," Fintoch has developed a novel blockchain with HyBriid technology that ensures the protection of users' funds. The primary focus of Fintoch is to construct a decentralized financial platform that is secure, trustworthy, and low-risk, powered by the advanced HyBriid technology.

The difference between Fintoch and other DeFi

Fintoch distinguishes itself from other decentralized financial platforms by leveraging its proprietary HyBriid technology, which substantially boosts its security standards. The HyBriid technology utilizes "zero-knowledge proof" and "multiple signatures" technology to significantly enhance the security of smart contracts. When a transaction occurs, the lending contract wallet necessitates two out of the three parties - the borrower and two anonymous supervisory nodes - to provide private key authorization before funds are released. These three parties must comply with the agreement to utilize the funds jointly. Cheating or fraud requires all ten supervisory nodes to collude with the borrower, which is highly improbable. Additionally, HyBriid technology monitors users' investments in real-time, ensuring end-to-end supervision from investment to fund recovery. In the event of losses, smart contracts activate an automatic stop-loss to safeguard investors' funds and minimize losses. With Fintoch's HyBriid technology, the flow of funds in decentralized transactions is more transparent and secure.

High Yield Secure Blockchain Investment

Fintoch is a P2P blockchain financial platform that focuses on innovating blockchain financial market.

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